Natalie Wright's large-scale acrylic paintings on paper can be found on display at the following locations: All work is for sale.

Johnson Public House, Madison, WI

One Barrel Brewing, Madison, WI

Context Clothing, Madison, WI

Spring Harbor Animal Hospital, Madison, WI

Wendigo Tavern, Stoughton, WI

The Firefly Coffeehouse, Oregon, WI (small photographs, only) ***And now 9x12 Giclee prints of Wildlife Paintings!

Emergency Vet Services, Janesville, WI


First things first. WHY do I make these BIG paintings of Wildlife, Pets and Musicians? For me personally, the wildlife paintings represent STRENGTH and RESILIENCY. I am constantly amazed at the persistence it takes for these animals to live in "our" world. These paintings came to me during a challenging time in my life (divorce, new baby) and they reminded me of my *own* strength and resiliency. And also that my vulnerability brings me closer to others. The Pet Portraits are an expression of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. The Musician Portraits are my own way to express my awe at what they do. For me, the Musicians are the number ONE expressers of EMOTION. They can make us laugh, dance, and cry in a matter of seconds. They follow us in our cars, our homes and places of work. They make time stand still. Photography is something I have *always* done. It's another way that expresses how I see my world. I am always looking. Always. Looking. I love how the landscape is intense with metaphor and is always reminding me that change is good and some transitions are more turbulent than others. 

I have overcome feelings of being un-worthy and rejected by focusing on my strengths as a woman, a mother and an artist. Seeing my own reflection in the Fox, the Bison, the Bear- I see my own strength and resilience. How can I help you see yours? How does your home express your values? Do you bring the outside in? Are you surrounded by art, books and music like I am? 

I like to paint BIG because it allows me to step inside the work. It helps me stay loose. When I am standing up, I can literally dance while I work. When I find myself working small, sitting at a table, my work tightens up and I am hunched over. I LOVE working big. I also love paper. I think my love of paper comes from first, being a Drawing major in undergrad school, and having a strong focus on Printmaking. Then I started Grad School and continued to work with paper. I love the softness of it and how it soaks up the paint. I feel paper the same way a fashion designer might feel fabric. 

I have a Drawing degree (BFA 1999) from Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design and an MFA in Textile Design (2008) from Rhode Island School of Design.

My wallpaper design titled Mustachio, which has become a Flavor Paper Classic, can be custom ordered via Flavor Paper in Brooklyn, NY.

Want to see Chrissy Teigen, barely dressed, posing with the Mustachio Wallpaper? You can do that here

To read a little further about my background as an artist, please read this great write-up written by Sarah Witman for Tone Madison!

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